Matthew Clark Rogers is a San Diego based commercial photographer/film maker. He began creating photos when his brother gifted him a camera for his 17th birthday. While attaining his BA in journalism, he traveled SouthEast Asia shooting a street photography book titled "Wander Asia." The experience cemented his passion for creating. His freshman year summer he worked a sandwich shop job to afford a new video camera. The same summer he made a documentary with friends about his neighborhood, birthing his love for film making. 

Currently: Paradeigm Interactive

Clients: 3Sixteen, PF Flyers, Along FM, Good Beer Hunting, October Mag, Gym Standard, Soulection, Miner League, Café Gratitude, Brewbound, GMBI, Illumina, White Labs, Aquarian Drumheads

Matt @ MatthewClarkRogers.com

(six-one-nine) 981-3873